Title: ArPC Head Quarter Office

Client: Arak Petrochemical Company (ArPC)

Location: Tehran, Iran

Status: 2005 - 2006


The project is located in a mixed residential, commercial zone by a high traffic area, on the south side of a 12m wide street, between three old residential buildings, with a fantastic view of the Alborz mountains, northern Tehran. Vali-asr Ave, Taban St.


Interior design, facade design and alteration of a 10 story residential building to an office building, 6000m2, with two faces in south and north, include:
- Ground floor: entrance lobbies, stockbroker department and bank receptions
- First to fifth floor: a 10 unit office department with open space workshop in two sections in north and south side of the building
- Sixth floor: management department and VIP facilities, conference hall, reception, office rooms for management counsellors
- Basement: in 3 levels which are used for parking, refectory, utilities, praying room, archive and storage rooms


- Structure: Existing braced steel frame work and composite slabs for roof decks
- Architecture: Existing block walls, painted dry walls, acoustic ceiling tiles, Marmarite stone tiles and hardwood flooring, aluminum composite panels with glass curtain
wall in southern side and renovated old travertine facade in northern side exterior
- Utility: Combination of existing central cooling and heating system including water Chiller+ Boiler+ ceiling fan-coil units with DX central cooling and heating system (build multi system) including evaporators and condensers for two top floors