Title: Moosavie Residential

Client: Mr. Moosavie

Location: Noor, Iran

Status: 2005 - 2009


10000 m2 of land in a rural area surrounded by farms, and a breath taking view of the nearby jungle covered Alborz Mountain, in northern Iran on the shores of the Caspian Sea, Mazandaran Province, between Noor and Chalous, Salahedin Kola


2000m2 custom design luxury residential building with three separate units. Main unit with 6 bedrooms is located in the middle and two others with two bedrooms are located at the east and west wings of the building. The building has many facilities such as, sauna, Jacuzzi, gym, fireplaces, library, large balconies, and etc.


- Structure: Moment resisting steel frame in both direction, standard rolled shapes and plate girders for beams, “HSS” box section for columns, composite slabs for roof decks.

- Architecture: Cavity block walls and dry wall system, combination of washed cement plaster with rough stone for the exterior facades, Marmarite stone tiles and hard wood flooring, wall-papered and painted walls.

- Utility: Central cooling and heating system (build multi system) including

evaporators and condensers and also radiant floor heating system for main living room in the first floor.