Title: Africa Trade Center

Client: Nigeria National Petroleum Co. and Jahanpars Co.

Location: Nigeria, Abuja

Status: 2010 Design Development


The geographical location of the Africa Trade Centre is about 200m in proximity of NNNPC Towers at “Herberbert Macually Way” surrounded by 3 main streets at north, south and east, and an indirect street at west. The land parcel is a 9,000m2 (95x95) piece of which 60 percent is allocated to the building.


The building is intended to be a modern complex of commercial and office premises
and supporting utilities and services, which makes it a brilliant piece of work in the heart of Abuja.
The philosophy behind the design of this complex is to create an integrated development that will have a central commercial and office area that is busy and vibrant while having a quiet living enclave. It will be a development of complementary elements while clearly defining their boundary in design. The development will integrate stylish working and business environment with security, and modern amenities for the businesses to work in a harmonious and safe environment with the aim of continuously enhancing and sustaining the value of the assets. The building is consist of:

Level -1 to - 4: 4 stories of parking areas, storages and utilities with a total area of

22699 m2 in the basement

Level 0 to +4: commercial area with a total area of 21198 m2

Level 5 to +25: hotel tower with a total area of 7463 m2

Level 5 to 20: office tower with a total area of 7070 m2

Level 21 to 22: restaurant and recreation center with a total area of 3422 m2

Total building area: 61852 m2