Title: ShCF Head Quarter Office

Client: Shargh Cement Factory (ShCF)

Location: Mashhad, Iran

Status: 2005, Under construction


The project is located in a heavy industrial atmosphere, on a forested hill and far from the main cement factory lines in eastern Iran, Khorasan province, 30km from the city of Mashhad.
The plant is one of the biggest cement plants in Iran with 4 active production lines and a fifth one under construction.


A four story office building, 4000m2, include:
- First and Second floor: entrance lobbies, stockbroker’s area and business department
- Third floor: administrative department with open space workshop and 6 rooms
- Fourth floor: management department and VIP facilities, conference hall, reception
- Basement: gathering saloon, utilities, praying room, archive and storage rooms


- Structure: Braced steel frame in both directions, Vierendeel Truss system with the height of one or two stories (with attention to the long spans and cantilevers,10 and
14 meters), plate girders for beams, H sections for columns, composite slabs for roof decks (with attention to decks vibration)
- Architecture: Cavity block walls and Dry wall system, painted walls, acoustic ceiling
tiles, Marmarite stone tiles and hardwood flooring, combination of brown travertine tiles with Aluminum composite panels and glass curtain walls for the exterior facades.
- Utility: DX central cooling and heating system (build multi system) including evaporators and condensers units+ exhaust and fresh air system