Title: Site Planning for BCP Entrance Area, Human Support Services Zone and Transportation, Truck’s Terminal

Client: Bushehr Cement Factory (BCF)

Location: Bushehr, Iran

Status: 1998– 2001


“Transportation Terminal” and “Entrance Area” are located in the west side of the plant and the “Support Services Zone” at the eastern side of the plant as a Persian garden, in desert environment. Southern Iran, Bushehr province, 15km from Borazjan


Bushehr cement plant site planning, inside and outside of the plant, include:
1) Site planning for “human supporting services zone” and the landscape design, the area is used for the located buildings such as office building, restaurant, guesthouse, mosque, sport facilities, clinic, fire station, bank and etc.
2) Transportation network outside the plant including: truck routes, passenger car routes and walkways
3) Entrance area, transportation terminal of cement trucks and their facilities