Title: FCF Site Planning

Client: Firouzkooh Cement Factory (FCF)

Location: Firouzkooh, Iran

Status: 2004– 2009


The project is located at the foot hills of “Alborz” mountain chain, northern Iran, Tehran province, 10km from Firouzkooh township


Firouzkooh cement plant site planning, (30 hectares) include:
1) Zone planning:
1-1) “Industrial zone” contains all the industrial buildings in the main cement production line.
1-2) “Technical services zone” contains all the buildings for support and maintenance of the plant, such as: heavy machinery repair shop, main maintenance and repair shop, spare part storage, main storage facility and etc.
1-3) “Human supporting services” such as office building, restaurant, guesthouse, mosque, clinic and fire station, bank and etc
2) Land-use planning;
3) Transportation network inside and outside the plant including: truck routes, passenger car routes and walkways