Title:   Adib Mixed - Use Residential & Commercial Project

Client:   North-East Residential Investment Company

Location:   Mashhad, Iran

Status:   2013, Design Development



The site is located in the city center of the new developed part of Mashhad that is developed within the past 20 years. This part of the city is called” Ghasem Abad”. The site is close to the main “Azad University Campus”, “Movie Theater” and recreational facilities, office buildings, and also a park and playground. The site is located between “Madar and Emammiye” traffic intersections (Squares) and next to “Adib Street” at west.

The site of the project is located in a North-South lengthy rectangular land. The land proportion is 1 by 6 in width to length. The land is located between two main streets at the west and east. This potential creates an opportunity to give separate access for residential and commercial facilities from two sides of the site.



 The “Building Permit” regulations for this project which is issued by the city includes:

Site Area: 4696 m2

Site Dimensions: 160 (Length-NS)  x  30 (Width-EW)


Level 00: Commercial, 70% of the Land area with 5m set back from the west land border

Level   -1 to -2: Underground Parking and common facilities, 100% of the Land area

Level +1 to  8: Residential,  40% of the Land area used

Total Floor Area: 25,000m2

Total Storeys: 11


Design Concerns and Idea:

            Limit the entering of sunlight directed from the west and east to the residential buildings

Forbid creating a huge mass of building that is ordered by applying to the Building Permit. (The mass would be in 160m length, between 21-14m width and 30-32 m height)

Create four separate residential buildings with acceptable scale and proportion in respecting to the current city fabric condition

Rotate the residential buildings towards the sunlight of the North – South,  instead of the West – East direction which was dictated due to the land geometrical shape and the building permit

Separate and divide the mass of the commercial and residential into two pieces in order to:

Clarify and emphasis on each part based on its characteristics

Create a private roof garden for residential buildings with 160 x 21m dimension

Reduce the mass and visual weight of the building

Create a private and safe green yard for the people who live in residential buildings. This is the most important part of any multi-storeys residential buildings that is usually missing.

To provide separate access for residential and commercial from the west and east. The commercial access from east works with the main city street, and residential access from west work with the residential neighbourhood.

To create a cityscape character for the project through creating a simple, clear, dynamic and rhythmic form for the building.

Use of local and traditional materials, texture and colours to give the building a local architectural taste  

Add 3 levels of residential units in a bridge structural form. Vierendeel truss system would create and form the bridge.

Create two different geometries in the building that gives:

Structural system flexibility in residential, commercial and parking areas

Flexibility in using of different architectural modules in residential and the commercial area

Maximum use of space for the parking area by locating two ramp zone in the two ends of the project