ARCHOTEC first commission is to provide high quality professional Architectural services to the clients from concept to completion stage. For each commission we create the creative and artistic sustainable architectural solution to our clients in a time and cost-effective manner. To achieve this aim we are looking to create a balance between the buildings and the land and environment that serve the building. This creation must meet all clients’ expectation, goals within the specific time and budget schedules and also create a space full of light, beauty, pleasing and life. Our core services include: 

-          Site and Environmental Analysis
-          Building / Space Programming
-          Schematic Design
-          Design Development
-          Construction Document Preparation
-          Engineering System Coordination
-          Specifications and Materials Research
-          Building Cost Analysis



ARCHOTEC offers a broad range of outstanding interior design and space planning services to our clients. We are committed to meet all functionally and aesthetically pleasing solutions for interior spaces. The services involve new renovations, premises, alterations, functional changes and custom designed spaces. The services are usually provided to commercial buildings, retails and branding stores, restaurants, workshops, and offices; that clients are looking for special interior design solutions and/or to apply for “Tenant Improvement Permits. The core services include: 

-          Space planning and programming
-          Interior design and finishing
-          Furnishing
-          Fit up interior
-          Material selection
-          Material specification
-          Cost estimation
-          Complete design-built services


ARCHOTEC Planning and Urban Design provide design on a long term vision for growing, changing and future land development. The core services involve in planning and designing for commercial land development, residential, industrial, mixed use projects and as well as reuse existing urban sites to adapt new projects. In general the services include:

-           Master planning
-           Land use planning
-           Access networking planning
-           Building density planning
-           Site existing Condition planning
-           Urban furniture designing


ARCHOTEC offers additional comprehensive engineering services for the projects in field of Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil work. These services are provided by collaborating with the well experienced senior professional engineers and consulting firms. Their solid professional background in designing, managing and supervising the projects support us to promote a complete set of professional services for variety types of projects with different size and complexity. The benefit of this collaboration is to minimize the overhead cost and time of the projects and to maximize the quality of the services provided.


ARCHOTEC offers specialized services in Construction and Project Management. The firm is an active member of CSC (Construction Specification Canada).  The principal of firm “Hamid Erfanian” MAIBC, MRAIC, LEED AP is the holder of the CCCA license (Certified Constriction Contract Administrator) from CSC that is the well known designation in this field. He has an outstanding track of record in project/ construction management for different types of projects from residential building to heavy industrial building. The core services include:

-         Project management
-         Construction contract administration
-         Construction management
-         Bidding and contract negotiation
-         Construction monitoring and evaluation
-         Furnishing and equipping the projects
-         Construction cost estimation
-         Cost saving, budget control system
-         Pre-construction services (coordination and constructability)


ARCHOTEC provides a variety of professional services that is usually required by a municipality to issue the different permits; in “One Time, One Package with Affordable Budget”, Such as:

-          Tenant improvement applications
-          Building permit applications
-          Negotiation with authorities having jurisdiction
-          Zoning and land use amendment
-          Committee of adjustment
-          Site development review
-          Public hearing
-          Development approval/agreement
-          Rezoning applications


Green architecture and sustainability incorporate the knowledge of how a building or a site can be Sustainable for a long term vision. At ARCHOTEC, LEED Accredited Professionals’ aim to design low-energy buildings, reduce vehicular footprints, use local materials and labours, develop renewable energy sources, and restore site eco-systems.


ARCHOTEC can provide additional services to the clients as their required:

-          Design-Build professional services
-          Feasibility Study
-          Post Construction Evaluation
-          Graphic Design and Architectural Presentation
-          Advisory Real  State Design Services




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