The word “ ARCHOTEC ” is a combination of ARCHITECTURE + TECHNOLOGY. It demonstrates the firm’s ideology about its services. We believe that the combination of the integrated Sustainable Green Architecture and the accurate Technology will make the best project result.

ARCHOTEC is an architectural firm providing comprehensive services in architectural design, interior design, urban planning, project management and additional engineering services in collaboration with well experienced professional engineering firms. We strive to provide the highest level of service, within a time efficient and cost effective manner. The firm has outstanding tracks of record and versatile professional services for different types of projects including: residential, commercial & mixed use, office building, industrial, Maintanance facilities, cultural and master planning works.

ARCHOTEC is committed to transform the clients’ visions, aims and imaginations to real space and buildings. Our ultimate goal is to create spaces full of beauty, life and meaning to stimulate the senses and enhance the spiritual aspects of its occupants. We believe that buildings significantly impact the communities they serve. They not only provide efficient and comfortable enclosures for the activities and occupants within, but they also influence exterior public realm. This dialogue between buildings and spaces, create significant opportunities to enhance the livability and richness of the community.

At ARCHOTEC, each project is unique because each client is unique. We work closely with our clients as a team to find their own unique design solutions. We believe in sustainability; therefore we design for long term investment value. And we believe to the professionalism; we are responsible, accountable experts working on your behalf.

ARCHOTEC is an active member of the following professional assocciations:

  • Architectural Institute of British Columbia
  • Canada Green Building Council
  • Construction Specification Canada
  • Member of Burnaby Board of Trade

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